Kamal Begani named President of JITO, Nepal

Industrialist Kamal Begani has been appointed as the President of Jain International Trade Organization Nepal (JITO). Begani is appointed from the third general meeting of the organization. With his appointment as chairman, he will serve a tenure of 2 years. Kamal Begani is also the director of Begani Group, a renowned business house in Nepal.

Expressing his commitment, Kamal Begani stated, “I will contribute to the best of my abilities in order to achieve significant economic prosperity, address the needs of the underprivileged, and promote the well-being of humanity in a world that is free from violence, poverty, and disease.”

He emphasized that the Jain International Trade Organization is a distinctive and inclusive community comprising forward-thinking Jains. Operating across 11 countries, the organization boasts a membership of 14,000 businessmen worldwide. It has been actively involved in various initiatives within Nepal since 2020.


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