Maoist and NSP Take Strides Towards Unity, Propose Coordination Committee

The CPN-Maoist Center and Nepal Samajwadi Party (NSP) have intensified discussions aimed at merging and uniting the two political entities. A crucial meeting held on Sunday, led by Krishna Bahadur Mahara from the Maoist Center and Ganga Narayan Shrestha from the NSP, laid the groundwork for proposing the establishment of a party unity coordination committee.

During the meeting, both negotiation committees delved into past activities and engaged in constructive talks surrounding ideological and policy matters. The parties have committed to progressing based on consensus, with a focus on adhering to agreements made by the proposed party unity coordination committee. This committee is set to play a pivotal role in shaping the party’s future, including decisions related to the party’s statute, name, organizational structure, election symbol, and other crucial aspects.

The move reflects a concerted effort by the CPN-Maoist Center and NSP to find common ground and create a unified front. As the discussions continue, political observers are closely monitoring the developments, anticipating the potential emergence of a strengthened political force with a shared vision for Nepal’s future.


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