Nagitham Danda in Sindhupalchowk becoming tourists’ attraction

Nagitham Danda in Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality-4 in Sindhupalchowk district is emerging as a tourist sport lately.

The five-colored prayer flags (Lungdar) and multicolored frills fluttering all year round atop the hill (Nagitham Danda) have enhanced the beauty of the hill. A garden, meditation centre and stupa have been built in the vicinity of the Hill which are another draw among the tourists.

Plans are being executed gradually to develop this area, said Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality Chairperson Tashi Lama. Test flight of paragliding was recently conducted in Nagi Danda which is situated at 2,480 metres above the sea level.
Nagi Danda offers an enchanting view of Jugal mountain to its west. Adequate hotels and homestay facilities are at Nagi Danda for tourists, local residents shared.

The Buddhists believe that the nephew of Tibetan tantric Yan Thopten Shakya Shree visited this place while going to pay obeisance to Shyambhunath in Kathmandu Valley, the Lamas said.
A text in Tibetan scripture has mentioned that five ‘dakinis’ reside in Nagi Danda. The Buddhists consider this place as a scared one.
Dakini in Sanskrit, Khandro in Tibetan, literally means “sky dweller” or “sky dancer,” and is the most sacred aspect of the feminine principle in Tibetan Buddhism, embodying both humanity and divinity in feminine form.

Dakinis may appear differently in various contexts; when needed, she may appear as fierce and intense or playful and nurturing. At other times she may appear outrageous or repulsive in order to cut through conceptual thinking and mistaken perception. She may appear as a human being, as a goddess, either peaceful or wrathful, or she may be perceived as the general play of energy in the phenomenal world.


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