NC Chief Whip Lekhak stresses on making parliament effective

Nepali Congress Chief Whip Ramesh Lekhak has laid emphasis on the need of making parliament effective on the issues of livelihood.

Speaking in special hour of today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he shared, “The government will be functional if the parliament becomes effective. Parliament should be strong.”

“The main function of the parliament is to make laws as well as formation of government, distribution of state’s means and resources and regularly monitoring and evaluating the performance of the government”, mentioned leader Lekhak.

He further said the Nepali Congress was always in favour of effective parliament imagined by the constitution, stating that the NC was committed to protect the constitution in order to make the parliament effective.

“It was necessary to move ahead making consensus, collaboration and cooperation in democracy and only then, the parliament becomes effective”, viewed the NC Chief Whip.

Stating that dialogue, consensus and collaboration are necessary for the implementation of constitution and nation building, he stressed that all should involve to make this constitution successful.

“Support and protest are gems of democracy. Criticism and protest take place in the parliament’, mentioned Lekhak.

He extended sorrow over the attack of Hamas in Israel killing of 10 Nepali students and making many people injured.

Leader Lekhak also asked the government to create environment to return Bipin Joshi, who is under control of Hamas, to home alive.

The NC Chief Whip pointed out that the government should pay attention on all issues raised in the parliament.


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