Pregnant Police Officers to Receive Unique Uniforms

In a progressive move aimed at addressing the unique needs of its female workforce, the Nepal Police has announced a groundbreaking initiative to provide special uniforms for pregnant policewomen. Recognizing the challenges faced by pregnant officers in carrying out their duties comfortably in the existing attire, the police headquarters has taken proactive steps to ensure their well-being.

With 7000 female police personnel among the 80,000-strong workforce of the Nepal Police, the decision to introduce specialized uniforms reflects the commitment to creating a supportive and inclusive working environment.

Police spokesperson DIG Kuber Kadayat explained, “Since it is difficult for female police officers to work in the current uniform, we are going to give them comfortable uniforms.” The move is expected to enhance the working conditions for pregnant policewomen, allowing them to fulfill their professional responsibilities with greater ease during this crucial period.


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