Prime Minister Dahal stresses development of sports sector

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ emphasized the quality development of the sports sector.

Inaugurating the Chyasal Stadium in Lalitpur on Tuesday, PM Dahal pledged an increase in the budget being allocated in the sports sector from the next fiscal year.

The PM reminded, “I had prioritized sports for health and wellbeing besides for nation, economy, diplomacy, politics and international brotherhood in my first stint as the Prime Minister. In my second stint, I tried to institutionalize sports in each village and schools. In the current term, I stress on the quality development of the sports sector. Besides politics, sports and arts being my area of interests, I have given more priority to these sectors in my current stint.”

He recalled his contribution in reconstruction of the Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu in talks with the government of China and his efforts in institutionalizing the sports sector across the country in his previous terms.

Stating that he had spent a significant period of his political life in Chyasal, the septuagenarian leader expressed his pride to be able to inaugurate the Chyasal Stadium.

Similarly, National Sports Council’s Member Secretary Tankalal Ghising shared that Chyasal Stadium could organize national and international championships and it was an alternative to the Dasarath Stadium in Kathmandu Valley.

Likewise, President of the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) Pankaj Bikram Nembang claimed that the Dahal-led government had been contributing significantly to the development of sports in the country. He requested PM Dahal to consider allocating an adequate budget in the sports sector from the upcoming fiscal year.

The newly inaugurated Stadium was built by Danfe Prerana Pratisthan JV Company at the cost of over Rs 280 million. The stadium has three parapets and can accommodate altogether 6,200 audiences.


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