Rinakumari Sah Removed as Mayor After Defection from UML

Rinakumari Sah, who had recently defected from the Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist-Leninist (CPN-UML) to join her husband Prabhu Shah’s Aam Janata Party, has been removed from her post as the Mayor of Moulapur Municipality in Rautahat, Nepal.

Rinakumari Sah was originally elected as the Mayor of Moulapur Municipality during the local-level elections held on May 13, 2023, as a candidate from the CPN-UML. Her defection from the party she was originally elected from raised questions about her continued eligibility to hold the mayoral position.

The CPN-UML formally informed the Election Commission (EC) about Rinakumari Sah’s defection, seeking appropriate action in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

In response to the CPN-UML’s complaint, the Election Commission cited sub-section (1) of Section 32 of the Political Parties Act, 2073, and Rule 22 of the Political Parties Regulations, 2074. According to these regulations, a public office held by an individual elected from a political party becomes vacant if the individual leaves that party. Consequently, the EC determined that Rinakumari Sah’s departure from the CPN-UML had resulted in the mayoral position becoming vacant.

The removal of Rinakumari Sah as Mayor of Moulapur Municipality has stirred discussions about the implications of defections on local governance and party loyalty. This development also highlights the legal framework in place to address such situations within Nepal’s political landscape.

The Moulapur Municipality now awaits further instructions from the Election Commission regarding the process of appointing a new Mayor to fill the vacant position.


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