SC issues short-term interim order on Kathmandu-Terai Expressway to retain the project in status quo till another verdict

The Supreme Court has issued a short-term interim order on the Kathmandu-Tarai Madhes Expressway project directing to keep the project as it is until further decision.

Hearing a writ petition filed by Afcons Infrastructure Limited, India, the Supreme Court asked to maintain the status quo of the project.

The Indian company had filed the writ after Nepal Army provided the contract for the sixth package of the Kathmandu-Terai-Madhesh expressway to the Chinese contractor company whose technical proposal was rejected.

Advocate Sujan Rizal had file a writ on behalf of Afcons Infrastructure Limited of India, which had joined the contract process. In the writ, it is demanded to cancel the contract awarded to the Chinese contractor company.

Hearing on the same writ and the SC called both parties for an interim order on December 23.

In Wednesday’s order, the Supreme Court has asked the opposition Kathmandu Tarai/Madhesh Fast Track (Expressway) Road Authority, Nepal Army Headquarters Bhadrakali to appear with written answers as to why the order should not be issued as per the demand of the petitioner.




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