Supreme Court Today: Landmark Hearing on TikTok Ban Challenge

The Supreme Court (SC) has officially scheduled the hearing for the petition challenging the government’s decision to ban the immensely popular social media platform TikTok. The case is slated to be heard today in the single bench of Supreme Court Judge Binod Sharma.

The decision to set the judgment date comes after a previous session in the bench of Judge Kumar Chudal, where the anticipated discussion on the fixed fee was not addressed. This has heightened the anticipation surrounding the case.

Senior advocate Dinesh Tripathi, along with other legal representatives, filed a writ in response to the government’s ban on TikTok. The writ seeks an interim order to revoke the ban and reinstate TikTok to its previous operational status. The legal challenge contends that the government’s decision is not only illegal but also unconstitutional, malicious, and arbitrary.

The government had, during a Council of Ministers meeting, announced the closure of TikTok, citing concerns about its impact on social harmony. This move sparked widespread debate and criticism, leading to the legal action taken by advocates who argue that the ban infringes on individual rights and freedoms.

As the nation awaits the Supreme Court’s ruling on this matter, the case has garnered considerable attention and is seen as a landmark legal battle concerning the regulation of social media platforms and the balance between government authority and individual rights.


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