345 Aftershocks Rattle Jajarkot Since Friday’s 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake

The National Earthquake Monitoring and Research Center has reported a significant number of aftershocks in Jajarkot following the 6.4 magnitude earthquake that struck on Friday.

As of Sunday evening, the center documented a total of 345 aftershocks, with many of them reaching magnitudes of 4 and 3, continuing to shake the region around the earthquake’s epicenter.

To further assess the situation, a team led by Dr. Lok Bijay Adhikari, a senior seismologist from the center, arrived in Jajarkot on Saturday. Their mission includes studying various aspects of the earthquake, such as its depth, the direction of damage, and the extent of structural damage to buildings and homes.

Ram Prasad Ghimire, Director General of the Mines and Earthquake Department, responsible for conducting comprehensive earthquake research, confirmed the team’s objectives.

Dr. Adhikari clarified that the earthquake in Jajarkot is not an aftershock of the previous Bajhang earthquake but a separate seismic event. He also noted that there have been recent earthquake activities in the western region of Nepal.

The earthquake has taken a toll on several districts in western Nepal, including Jajarkot and Rukum West. The disaster has resulted in 157 casualties, with over 200 individuals sustaining injuries, and extensive material damage amounting to crores.


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