CIAA Issues 22-Point Directive to Government for Effective Project Management

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has taken a proactive step by issuing a comprehensive 22-point directive to various government bodies. The directive aims to promote scientific and objective budget formulation, proper project planning, and prioritization to optimize the utilization of the country’s limited resources, ensuring maximum benefits.

In a special announcement made on Thursday, the anti-corruption watchdog has urged key government entities to play a pivotal role in this endeavor. The CIAA’s appeal has been directed towards the Office of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, the National Planning Commission, and the Offices of all seven Chief Ministers. The directive emphasizes the importance of transparent, competitive, and qualitative public procurement procedures during the execution of the budget.

Additionally, the Financial Affairs and Planning Ministry, as well as Planning Commissions at provincial levels, and all 753 local administrations have received the request to implement the directive in its entirety. They have also been asked to provide necessary information to the CIAA regarding the progress of directive implementation.

The core of this directive focuses on ensuring that project management proceeds smoothly, guaranteeing the realization of maximum results while upholding consistent standards for quality, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness. To achieve this, the CIAA emphasizes the effective implementation of the Financial Accountability Act and its related regulations.

The CIAA further suggests that the government review multi-year projects that have received approval from the Finance Ministry but have not yet commenced. The publication of a district-wise list of such projects will help address the concerns of the citizens. Furthermore, the directive urges the government to establish clear criteria for approving projects of national pride and strategic initiatives with high priority.

An important aspect that the CIAA emphasizes is the elimination of duplication and project overlap at the federal, provincial, and local levels. The federal government is encouraged to avoid launching small-scale projects as part of this directive. These measures aim to enhance project management effectiveness, eliminate wastage, and ensure a more strategic and efficient utilization of resources.


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