Crony capitalists dominate society: Chair Bijukchhe

Chairman of Nepal Workers and Peasants Party (NWPP), Narayan Man Bijukchhe, has said the Nepali society is dominated by crony capitalists.

Inaugurating the 8th convention of Bhaktapur Truck Entrepreneurs’ Association in Bhaktapur on Monday, Chairman Bijukchhe argued that the influence of foreign crony capitalist must be curbed by nation’s capitalist class for country’s development.

The people driving vehicles must be aware to avoid accidents, he said, adding that settlements could be developed at least 15 to 20 metre away from highway. Similarly, space for new vehicles must be managed before buying it.

Moreover, Chairman Bijukchhe argued that once the country gets nationalist employees, they would intensify development works.

He suggested Bhaktapur Municipality to manage parking lots and garage at different places. The government must stop purchasing vehicles from the same country, Chairman Bijukchhe added.

On the occasion, Bhaktapur Municipality Mayor Sunil Prajapati reminded that truck entrepreneurs had played important role to manage debris in the wake of devastating Gorkha earthquake, 2015. He underscored the awareness among drivers and their helpers on traffic rules so that number of accidents would decline.

He informed that the municipality was making parking lots in different three places.

Director General at Transport Management, Uddhav Rijal, admitted that there were some policy gaps in transport sector. He laid emphasis on making transport sector technology-friendly.

Moreover, Chairman of Nepal Transport Entrepreneurs’ Federation, Bijay Bahadur Swar, complained that government did not take their demands seriously.

Chief District Officer Roshani Kumari Shrestha said strong coordination is essential among entrepreneurs and stakeholders from all three tiers of government.


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