Dharan Imposes 24-Hour Curfew Amid Dengue Outbreak

In response to the alarming spread of dengue infection affecting thousands, a comprehensive 24-hour curfew has been enacted in Dharan sub-metropolitan city, located in the Sunsari district.

The District Administration Office of Sunsari, in an official statement released on Friday, announced the imposition of a curfew due to the widespread prevalence of dengue infection across 12 local levels within Dharan sub-metropolitan city. A staggering count of more than 16,000 individuals have fallen victim to the outbreak.

The District Disaster Management Committee convened a meeting on July 26th, during which a recommendation was put forth to declare a public health emergency to effectively manage the dengue outbreak until it could be brought under control within Dharan sub-metropolis.

Furthermore, acknowledging the multiple factors at play including religious communal concerns, public health crises, and the paramount importance of maintaining peace and security, a prohibition order has been enforced from 12 midnight on August 8th until the same time on the following day. This measure has been authorized by Chief District Officer Hukmala Pandey.

The restricted zones within Dharan encompass the western entrance road leading from Flagha Chowk in Barahkshetra Municipality 1 to Dharan, West South Ramdhuni Nagar-6 to Barahkshetra-3, Nadaha Chowk to Dharan, Itahari Submahanar-20, Tarhara Panipia to North Dharan, Dharan-5 entry from East Kerabari to Dharan, and the entry point from Dhankuta. Additionally, a prohibitory order encompasses Sangurigarhi rural municipality-6 and the route leading from Bhedetar towards Dharan.

Amid these developments, it’s noteworthy that the decision to implement this prohibition order coincides with the organization of a demonstration in Dharan, uniting Sanatani Hindus from across the nation, in protest against cow slaughter. This sensitive context underscores the complexity of factors driving the administrative decisions made by the Sunsari administration.

As Dharan grapples with both the health crisis of the dengue outbreak and the communal sentiments surrounding the planned protest, the 24-hour curfew stands as an extraordinary measure aimed at addressing these interconnected challenges while maintaining public safety and well-being.


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