Durga Prasai Demands 50 Lakh from PM Prachanda to Overthrow Republic

Medical businessman Durga Prasai has announced a movement with the agenda of overthrowing the republic. He claims that the ‘Civil Liberation Movement,’ starting from Mangsir 7, will help overcome the war.

Today, he announced the protest by gathering YouTubers at his residence in Bhaktapur. He demands that the Prime Minister and all party leaders should financially support his movement.

Prasai said, “I have sent the QR code to the Prime Minister. I have asked the Council of Ministers to make a decision to provide 50 million for overthrowing the republic. The Prime Minister Prachanda is kind-hearted. He will definitely support it.”

He also mentioned that he would request money from UML Chairman KP Sharma Oli and other party leaders.

“I will also request 50 lakh rupees from Oli grandfather. I will also approach Sher Bahadur. It will be okay if Rabi Lamichhane contributes only 5 lakhs; he had not get enough time to earn more. The republic will be overturned under my leadership,” Prasai said.

In a fervent speech, Prasai verbally criticized the government and political parties, also focusing particularly on UML and its Chairman KP Sharma Oli. He alleged that Oli was playing PUBG on his mobile, ignoring the country’s problems.

Responding to recent interactions with the Cyber Bureau, Prasai accused the police of being influenced by Congress and UML, claiming that they had requested his assistance in protecting their reputation, citing pressure from UML.

“The police told me, ‘Durgaji, please protect our reputation.’ They said there is a lot of pressure from UML on us. I asked, ‘Are you UML police? I challenge you to catch me,'” Prasai said.

Throughout his speech, Prasai lavished praise upon YouTubers who have faced significant criticism in recent times, emphasizing their importance in his movement.

He also asked YouTubers to consider donating 100 rupees to his movement.



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