Government to Establish Embassy in Portugal, Sanil Nepal Recommended as Ambassador

The government has decided to establish a dedicated Nepali Embassy in Portugal, marking a significant development in bilateral relations. The decision was made during a meeting of the Council of Ministers held on Thursday and was announced by Minister for Communications and Information Technology, Rekha Sharma, who also serves as the government spokesperson.

The meeting recommended the appointment of Sanil Nepal as the head of the mission, subject to approval. As per constitutional provisions, diplomats are appointed by the President after their names are endorsed by the parliamentary hearing committee following government recommendations.

This new embassy signifies the growing importance of the relationship between Nepal and Portugal, and it is expected to enhance diplomatic ties, facilitate consular services, and strengthen cultural and economic cooperation between the two nations.

Currently, an estimated 20,000 Nepalis reside in Portugal, making it even more essential to establish a dedicated diplomatic mission to cater to their needs and promote bilateral relations.

Nepal and Portugal have a history of diplomatic relations dating back to September 1, 1976. Previously, Nepal’s ambassador to France was concurrently accredited to Portugal, while the Portuguese Embassy in New Delhi was concurrently accredited to Nepal. Furthermore, both countries have maintained Consulates in each other’s capitals. The establishment of the Nepali Embassy in Portugal reflects a deepening commitment to nurturing this relationship and expanding cooperation in various domains.


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