Growing Chaos in Nepal Amidst Anti-System Protests

As Nepal grapples with growing concerns over the state’s failure to meet the expectations of its citizens in terms of good governance, cost control, and social order, anti-system groups and anarchists have seized the opportunity to exploit the nation’s weaknesses. Recent unrest has been spearheaded by Durga Prasai, a medical professional and former central member of CPN-UML, making him a significant challenge for major political parties and the government.

Durga Prasai has been actively attacking the very system itself, leveraging citizens’ discontent and raising serious questions about the major political parties that support the republic. His campaign, the ‘Nation, Nationality, Religion, Culture, and Citizen Rescue Campaign,’ has become a hot topic on social media, bearing the message ‘Liberation Day of Nepalese, the cry of corrupt individuals, Thursday, Mangsir 7.’

Prasai’s provocative statements and actions have drawn significant attention. He has issued orders to debtors not to repay bank loans and alleged substantial investments in Cambodia’s telecom sector by UML Chair KP Sharma Oli. He has accused Oli, Prachanda, Sher Bahadur, and Madhav Nepal of being responsible for the country’s decline. Prasai openly engages in activities against the 2072 constitution and the democratic republican system initiated by the people.

The National Youth Federation Nepal, a wing of CPN-UML, has started to react to Prasai’s activities, and Prasai has called on citizens to gather in Kathmandu on Mangsir 7, advocating for an alternative to the current republic and the return of a monarchy. His recent motorcycle rally from Gongbu in Kathmandu on Kartik 18th has added fuel to the fire.

Former King Gyanendra Shah

While Prasai enjoys constitutional freedom to conduct peaceful activities, some of his past actions, such as attacking and vandalizing the vehicles of UML leaders and activists in Jhapa and targeting the Marwari community, have raised concerns about his intent to sow chaos in the name of freedom.

“We may not know who the future king, prime minister, or ministers of this country will be, but we are certain that on Mangsir 7, 16 Marwari smugglers, 10 unscrupulous merchants, and 30 corrupt leaders will either flee, face consequences, or be imprisoned,” Prasai announced on his social media, claiming that the issues will be resolved on Mangsir 7.

In whose name or on whose behalf is Prasai speaking?

Additionally, Republican leaders hold the opinion that Durga Prasai alone cannot threaten to change the system. While Prasai is at the forefront, many people believe that the investment and planning of the former king, Gyanendra Shah, are working behind the scenes. This might be why Chairman of the Maoist Center, who also serves as the Prime Minister, Pushpa Kamal Dahal, along with the leader of the ruling party and former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal, and Jhalanath Khanaland UML Chair Oli have expressed their opposition to former King Gyanendra Shah. They have warned that if he intends to engage in politics, they will form their own party and enter the field.

The situation in Nepal remains highly fluid as various political forces clash over the future direction of the country.


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