India Extends Further Support to Nepal with Fourth Tranche of Earthquake Relief

In a continued demonstration of solidarity and commitment to its Neighbourhood First Policy, India has delivered the fourth tranche of earthquake relief support to Nepal. The essential medical supplies, including vital medicines and equipment, were officially handed over to the Government of Nepal on November 20, 2023.

The relief support is specifically tailored to meet the urgent requirements outlined by the Nepal Medical Association. This latest assistance is part of India’s ongoing efforts to aid and alleviate the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Jajarkot and its surrounding areas on November 3, 2023.

To date, India has contributed over 34 tonnes of emergency relief materials, aiming to provide critical support to the affected families in Nepal. The supplies include essential medical provisions, reflecting India’s commitment to helping its neighbor during times of crisis.

India’s swift and robust humanitarian response underscores its dedication to supporting Nepal in the face of natural disasters. The Neighbourhood First Policy remains a guiding principle in India’s foreign relations, emphasizing the importance of assisting neighboring countries in times of need.

Moving forward, India has reiterated its commitment to stand by Nepal and continue supporting relief efforts. The assistance provided aligns with the priorities and assessments outlined by the Government of Nepal, ensuring a targeted and effective response to the earthquake’s impact on the affected communities.


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