Jhakri’s Mysterious Glow in Chyasal

In a recent gathering at the UML headquarters in Chyasal, the political landscape witnessed an extraordinary event as Ram Kumari Jhakri, a former minister and secretary of the CPN (Unified Socialist Party), made a striking appearance. Her participation in the UML’s tea party, held on the occasion of national festivals, Dasain-Tihar, left onlookers captivated by the radiance on her face and the reception she received from UML leaders.

Jhakri, who had become a symbol of youth and rebel politics, notably rebelled against the UML two years ago. Her decision to break away from the UML was rooted in her concerns about the working style of UML Chair KP Sharma Oli, a move that set her apart from many other critical leaders who remained within the UML. Instead, she joined hands with Madhav Nepal and played a pivotal role in the registration of the CPN Unified Socialist Party.

Over the subsequent two years, the tension between Oli and the newly formed Unified Socialist Party remained palpable, with Oli showing reluctance to acknowledge the party led by Madhav Nepal and even boycotting some national events in which Nepal was present.

However, this year, Oli extended an unexpected invitation to leaders of the Unified Socialist Party to join a UML tea party celebrating national festivals. Notably, Madhav Nepal opted not to attend, leaving for Rautahat early in the morning.

The gathering witnessed the presence of former Prime Minister Jhalanath Khanal, a respected leader of the Unified Socialist Party, and Bamdev Gautam, a member of the National Assembly. Despite their affiliations, both Khanal and Gautam appeared on good terms with UML leaders.

Yet, what stole the spotlight was Jhakri’s presence. As she stepped into Chyasal, her face seemed to exude an unmistakable glow, a quality that did not go unnoticed by the UML leaders, who were equally enthusiastic in welcoming her.

UML Vice Chair Ishwar Pokharel, General Secretary Shankar Pokharel, and other leaders extended special respect and hospitality to Jhakri, while UML Chair Oli welcomed her with a cheerful expression. Jhankri offered Oli a bouquet but didn’t engage in prolonged conversation. A particularly intriguing moment occurred when UML’s Vice Chair Ashta Laxmi Shakya embraced Jhakri, evoking emotions in both leaders.

Although the specifics of their conversation during the tea party remained concealed in the crowd, it was known that both leaders had previously expressed clear discontent with Oli’s working style when they were part of the UML, and they had once struggled together. However, in a last-minute decision, Shakya chose not to leave the party, and last year, she decided not to contest the general election.

On the other hand, Jhakri has recently shown signs of dissatisfaction with the Unified Socialists, making her radiant appearance at the UML’s tea party a topic of political speculation. While the details of her discussions at the event remain undisclosed, her luminous presence continues to spark intrigue and fuel conjecture about the direction of her political journey.


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