Leader Pokharel Raises Alarm Over Alleged Threats to UML and Nepali Army

CPN-UML General Secretary Shankar Pokharel has raised alarm bells, asserting that the UML and the Nepali Army are currently under siege in a concerted effort to subjugate Nepal.

Addressing a special meeting held at the UML headquarters in Chyasal, Lalitpur on Saturday, General Secretary Pokharel expressed deep concerns about the multifaceted challenges confronting the UML despite its position in the opposition.

“There is an ongoing conspiracy to subordinate the nation, and presently, two pillars are under attack,” warned General Secretary Pokharel. “One is the UML, and the other is the Nepali Army.”

Highlighting the potential repercussions of weakening both the UML and the army, Pokharel suggested that Nepal could become vulnerable to foreign interference. “The incessant attacks on UML aim to turn Nepal into a puppet state, despite UML not being in the government. However, the assaults are relentlessly aimed at us,” he declared.

Pokharel pointed out that the UML is facing attacks from factions claiming to be alternative powers, with both government incumbents and dissenters of the unsuccessful change targeting the party.

Moreover, he underscored the detrimental impact of political instability on the nation, citing the staggering turnover of prime ministers. “In the span of 34 years, the country has seen 28 prime ministers, contributing significantly to the prevailing crisis,” Pokharel remarked.


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