Madhyamiki Parikrama welcomed in Jaleshwor

Participants of the Madhyamiki Parikrama (Circumambulation) considered as the Maha Kumbha of Mithila have been received to warm reception in Jaleshwor in Mahottari district today.

Madhyamiki Parikrama is the time-honoured tradition in which the devotees undertake a pilgrimage on foot to various religious sites in the Mithila region which covers Mahottari and Dhanusha districts of Nepal and the adjoining districts in India.
The circumambulation that started last Monday from Mithila Bihari Kuti in Dhanusha district reached Jaleshwor on the fourth day along with religious processions and hymns.
The locals exuberantly welcomed the circumambulation team following traditional rituals such as puja and chanting of mantra among others.
They also provided free meals, water, electricity and fireworks to thousands of devotees arriving along with the circumambulation team.
The team will rest at Madai on the fifth day, at Dhurabkunda on the sixth and in Kanchanpur on the seventh day and return Dhanusha on the eight day. The team will eventually return to Janakpur on the full moon day in the Nepali month of Falgun to conclude it there.
There are 11 resting points in Nepal and 15 in India for the circumambulation team that has been a symbol of religious, cultural and traditional goodwill between Nepal and India.
The devotees partaking in the religious odyssey travel 107 kilometres across Nepal and 26 kilometres across India on foot.
A considerable number of participants, mostly ascetics, are from Ayodhya, Mathura, Haridwar, Darbhanga, Sitamadi, Baijanathdham among others for this year’s circumambulation.
According to the Mithila scripture named Mithila Mahatmya, such a circumambulation tradition has been organized since the 18th century.


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