National consensus necessary for development: DPM Shrestha

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs Narayan Kaji Shrestha has said a national consensus is needed for nation-building.

In his address to an interaction organized by the Madi municipality among the people’s representatives and employees today, the Deputy Prime Minister said the development of the nation be the concern, priority, and agenda of each political party.

Minister Shrestha said, ‘Political tug-of-war obstructed the pace of development and this is the major reason why the nation is lagging in terms of development.’ Such political culture should be changed to promote national independence, democracy, and national prosperity.

According to him, all political parties from the local and central levels are expected to work hand-in-hand to accelerate the pace of national development. He said he was aware of issues facing the Madi folks and their concerns for development.

The need to blacktop the roadway along the Chitwan National Park and the issues of landless squatters have been realized by the government, according to him. He utilized the forum to urge local people’s representatives and employees to deliver in a way that they could contribute to combating corruption and promoting good governance.

Stating that institutionalization of good governance, prosperity, and social justice were the major mandates of the incumbent government, he urged the local government to reflect the spirit of government priorities in their actions. Municipality mayor Tara Kumari Kaji Mahato presided over the program which was also joined by Bagmati province assembly member Thakur Dhakal, Devendra Shrestha, and local political parties.


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