NC Commits Rs 5 Million for Government Fund to Aid Quake Victims’ Rescue and Rehabilitation

The Nepali Congress, the largest political party in the house, has taken a commendable step to assist earthquake victims in the Jajarkot and Rukum West districts. Congress Chief Secretary Krishna Prasad Paudel announced today that the party will contribute Rs 5 million to the government fund dedicated to the rescue, relief, and rehabilitation efforts for those affected by the recent devastating earthquake.

The earthquake, measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale, struck Jajarkot district at 11:47 pm on Friday, causing extensive damage, casualties, and injuries. The Nepali Congress expressed deep sorrow for the loss of lives and destruction of property, which has left the entire Nepali population in mourning.

In an official statement, the Nepali Congress stated, “In this time, the Nepali Congress appealed to the government and political parties among others to unite together to face this disaster.” The party’s decision to allocate financial support to the government’s efforts reflects their commitment to providing crucial aid during this challenging period.

Furthermore, the Nepali Congress has extended an appeal to all citizens, both within the country and abroad, to join the campaign of humanitarian service with open hearts. This call for unity and assistance emphasizes the importance of collective efforts to help the earthquake-stricken regions recover and rebuild.

The Nepali Congress’s generous contribution and call for solidarity serve as a shining example of communities coming together to support those in need during times of crisis. It is hoped that their donation and the broader response to this disaster will bring much-needed relief and hope to the affected regions and their inhabitants.


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