NC has no issue in unity: President Deuba

Nepali Congress (NC) President and former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has said the NC is united at the present time.

In his address to the NC district conference in Baglung on Friday, he said there remained no significant grievances within the party and sporadic grudges would be addressed.

He was of the opinion that the Constitution was still in the implementation phase and there was no doubt over its full enforcement in the days to come.

“Nepal Constitution is exemplary and some challenges regarding its implementation will be sorted out.”, he added.

Public support to the NC is growing nationwide, according to Deuba who said the party is always in favour of development and prosperity. He also called for an end to the culture of hate speech against persons and community on political ground.

He said the conferences ranging from the ward to the district would further help consolidate the Nepali Congress while extending congratulations to the NC Baglung for hosting the conference.

He also applauded the NC presence at the local level in Baglung and in the Gandaki province.

Over 2,000 party leaders and cadres were present in the conference. Gandaki Province Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey commended the party for its contributions to the establishment of democracy and republic, sensitizing party cadres and leaders to be more accountable to the party vision and goals.

NC leader Krishna Prasad Sitaula said there remained still some issues regarding the effective implementation of the Constitution.


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