Nepali Elegance Graces Islamabad: Embassy Wows at POFWA Charity Bazar

Yesterday, on Sunday, the Embassy of Nepal added a touch of Himalayan charm to the Pakistan Foreign Office Women’s Association (POFWA) annual charity bazar in Islamabad. The Nepali embassy proudly participated in the event, presenting a vibrant stall adorned with Nepali handicrafts, promoting tourism, and offering a delightful spread of Nepali delicacies, including the beloved Momo.

The Chief Guest of the event, the esteemed first lady of Pakistan, Madam Samina Alvi, graced the occasion by visiting the Nepali stall. She took a keen interest in the diverse array of Nepali handicrafts, perused tourism promotional materials, and indulged her taste buds in the authentic Nepali delicacy, Momo.

Ambassadors and diplomats stationed in Islamabad, high-ranking officials from the Government of Pakistan, expatriates, friends of Nepal, and Nepali nationals along with their families flocked to the Nepali stall. Enthusiastic visitors engaged with the exhibits, inquired about the cultural display, and savored the flavors of Nepal through the delectable Momo.

The Nepali stall served not only as a showcase of the country’s rich cultural heritage but also as a diplomatic bridge, fostering cultural exchange and understanding between the two nations. The participation of the Embassy of Nepal in the POFWA annual charity bazar was met with warm appreciation, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Nepal and Pakistan.


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