Parties should carry out works keeping country, people at centre: Dr Bhattarai

Nepal Samajbadi Party chairperson and former Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has said the political parties should carry out works, keeping the country and people at the centre.

Leader Bhattarai who arrived here today in connection with family meeting said this while talking to journalists. On the occasion, he contended that political instability has heightened as all the political parties failed to keep the country and people at the centre.

“The result of the failure to keep the country and people in the centre has been seen recently in Koshi Province, the former PM said and chastised the party leaders for riding roughshod on the due process and procedures by keeping their party, group and power in the centre.

He said this sort of practice is not in the interest of loktantra. Stating that the governance system we have adopted is such that it denies a clear majority in parliament to any party, the Nepal Samajbadi Party chairperson said, “Either the parties should agree beforehand to retain the coalition for a certain period of time or the election system should be changed.”

Leader Bhattarai reiterated that the present coalition is not able to carry out works as per the alliance spirit. “The parties in the ruling coalition and the government led by it are not functioning according to the very spirit of coalition,” he said.

Pointing out that the country’s economy is at a difficult juncture, Dr Bhattarai said the government should be serious about this and work vigorously to address the problem. According to him, the economy is weakening as the country could not be oriented towards rapid industrial development.


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