PM Dahal Commits to Including Nepal Sambat in Government Documents

In a significant announcement today, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, “Prachanda,” pledged to incorporate Nepal Sambat into all official government documents. The announcement came during a ceremony commemorating the fifth memorial day of esteemed writer Padma Ratna Tuladhar in Kathmandu.

During his address, Prime Minister Prachanda reminisced about his previous tenure, highlighting his recognition of Nepal Sambat from the cabinet during his first term as Prime Minister. As Nepal Sambat 1144 approaches, he emphasized the need for practical implementation beyond mere acknowledgment.

“It’s not merely a Nepal Sambat in name; it needs to be implemented in practice,” remarked PM Dahal during the program.

Nepal Sambat, a unique lunar calendar used widely in the Kathmandu Valley, holds cultural and historical significance. The Prime Minister expressed a commitment to give due importance to this traditional calendar, ensuring its inclusion in official government documents.

As Nepal prepares to welcome Nepal Sambat 1144, this move is seen as a step towards preserving and promoting the country’s rich cultural heritage. The assurance from Prime Minister Prachanda signals a deliberate effort to integrate traditional practices into contemporary governance.

The implementation of Nepal Sambat in official documents is expected to resonate with citizens across the country, fostering a sense of cultural pride and heritage preservation. The government’s commitment to recognizing Nepal Sambat adds another layer to the ongoing efforts to celebrate and uphold the diverse cultural tapestry of the nation.

This announcement aligns with the broader initiative to acknowledge and incorporate traditional practices, reflecting Nepal’s commitment to honoring its cultural roots while navigating the challenges of modern governance.


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