PM Dahal Leaves Chopper for Jajarkot Quake Victims, To Return to Kathmandu via Buddha Air

In a swift response to the devastating 6.4 Richter scale earthquake that struck Jajarkot, Nepal, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ has taken action to assess the situation and provide relief to the earthquake victims. On Saturday morning, the Prime Minister arrived in Jajarkot to personally understand the condition of the affected areas.

Accompanied by his team, Prime Minister Prachanda took a helicopter to reach the earthquake-stricken region, showing his commitment to the welfare of the people. However, in a remarkable display of solidarity and dedication, he has decided to leave the helicopter he arrived in so that it can be used for rescue operations in the affected areas.

The earthquake, which had its epicenter in Jajarkot, struck at 11:47 pm the previous night, causing significant damage and displacement in the region. As a leader, Prachanda’s presence in the field highlights the government’s commitment to responding to this natural disaster swiftly.

Surya Kiran Sharma, the Prime Minister’s press coordinator, confirmed that Prachanda would return to Kathmandu not by helicopter but via a regular flight operated by Buddha Air. This decision allows the helicopter to be used for crucial rescue efforts on the ground, reflecting the urgency of the situation.

Furthermore, in response to the earthquake crisis, a cabinet meeting has been scheduled for tomorrow (Sunday) at 8 am. During this meeting, relief measures for the earthquake victims will be discussed and announced.


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