PM Dahal scheduled to visit India from May 31

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ is scheduled to visit India from May 31 to June 3. Following the presentation of the budget in the House of Representatives on May 19, the foreign ministries of Nepal and India have reached an agreement to allow the Prime Minister Prachanda’s visit.

This visit to India will mark Prachanda’s first foreign trip since assuming office as Prime Minister for the third time in December of the previous year. Previously, his visit to India had been postponed on three occasions due to internal reasons.

Diplomatic sources reveal that the advance team from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently preparing to travel to New Delhi prior to the Prime Minister’s visit. While it is expected that Foreign Minister Saud will accompany the team for full preparations, the final decision has yet to be made, as disclosed by a source close to the Prime Minister.

Upon returning from India, Prime Minister Prachanda has plans to visit China, Nepal’s northern neighbor. Both countries’ foreign ministries are currently coordinating this visit. Prime Minister’s Chief Adviser Haribol Prasad Gajurel confirms that diplomatic discussions are underway regarding Prachanda’s visit to China following his trip to India.

Previously, the government had been occupied with preparations for Prachanda’s visit to India, originally scheduled between the second and third weeks of May.

It is worth noting that Prachanda visited India in July of the previous year upon the invitation of BJP National President J P Nadda. Furthermore, he took office as Prime Minister for the third time on December 26, following a dramatic exit from the pre-poll alliance led by the Nepali Congress and subsequent collaboration with opposition leader K P Sharma Oli.


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