Rekha Thapa’s Satirizes TikTok Ban Critics: “Some Leaders and Intellectuals Crying Over a Small App”

In the aftermath of the recent TikTok ban in Nepal, opinions are divided, with both supporters and critics making their voices heard. Notably, actress and Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP) leader Rekha Thapa has weighed in on the issue, adding a touch of satire to her statement.

On the former Twitter platform (X), Rekha expressed her opinion with a hint of humor, stating, “Some leaders and so-called intellectuals who cry like this even when such a small app is closed will make the country .”


This comment from Rekha has sparked various reactions, with many speculating on the target of her satire. The political landscape seems to be split, as leaders from different parties, including RSP, UML, and Congress, voice their opposition to the government’s decision. The actress’s pointed remark suggests a commentary on the priorities of those criticizing the ban.

Meanwhile, as the controversy unfolds, eight petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court against the TikTok ban, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for Monday. The legal challenge reflects the intensity of the debate surrounding the platform’s closure.

In the midst of this, Rekha Thapa’s film ‘Upahar’ is gearing up for release, marking a significant development in her professional life. The government’s decision to prohibit TikTok was announced during a cabinet meeting last Monday, citing concerns about the alleged disruption of social harmony by the platform.


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