Rishi Dhamala, the Amitabh Bachchan in Nepal’s Journalism: Durga Prasai

Controversial businessman Durga Prasai, in an  television interview with Rishi Dhamala, declared that the upcoming Thursday protest, organized as part of his ‘Nation, Nationality, Religion-Culture and Citizen Rescue Campaign,’ will mark a historic push towards overthrowing the current governance system in Nepal.

During the interview, Prasai highlighted the impact of his eight-month-long campaign initiated on February 13, 2023, stating, “In 8 months, I shook the republic. Did any mainstream media support me? Did the mission journalism media help me? You sometimes called me for an interview. You gave me space. Thank you for that. Thank you for contributing to saving this nation.” He expressed gratitude towards Dhamala, acknowledging his role in promoting true journalism.

Prasai went on to praise Dhamala, likening his significance in Nepali journalism to Amitabh Bachchan’s stature in India. He added, “The day you pass away, the day your soul departs, for the field of journalism in Nepal, it would be like Amitabh Bachchan’s demise in India. I feel that when you leave, there may not be any journalist in Nepal. You have accomplished so much, Rishi Ji. I appreciate that aspect of you. So, don’t assume that the system of governance in the country won’t change.”

Notably, the ‘Nation, Nationality, Religion-Culture and Citizen Rescue Campaign’ led by Prasai gained momentum with the inauguration by Former King Gyanendra Shah on February 13, 2023, in Kakarvitta of Jhapa. Former crown prince Paras Shah also joined the inaugural campaign. Prasai emphasized that the campaign aims to change the country’s system and announced the formation of a ‘black soot squad’ with the intention of smearing black soot on the heads of banks and financial institutions.

Prasai’s demands include the abolishment of federalism and the declaration of a Vedic Hindu state. The former King inaugurated the grand campaign by lighting a lamp at Mechi Bridge, emphasizing the significance of the movement to establish Nepal as a Hindu state. The Thursday protest, according to Prasai, is poised to be a pivotal moment in reshaping the destiny of the nation.


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