Seventy Documentaries Nominated for ‘Mero Gaun, Mero Thau’ Video Challenge-2023

Seventy documentaries have been nominated in ten different categories for the ‘Mero Gaun, Mero Thau’ video challenge-2023. Out of a total of 258 submissions received from all over the country, these seventy documentaries stood out for their exceptional quality and content.

The nationwide documentary competition ‘Mero Gaun, Mero Thau’ has been organized by the We Will Rise Foundation, with the aim of shedding light on important natural and cultural heritages, costumes, ethnic identities, food, art culture, and other aspects that are often overlooked from a tourism perspective.

The foundation invited documentary entries from 24th February of the previous year until 4th May of this year. The competition organizers have nominated seventy documentaries for the following categories: Best Video of the Year, Judges’ Choice Award, Story Concept/Best Direction, Woman Video Maker of the Year, Future Star of the Year, Most Potential Destination, Most Energetic Video Maker, Best Script/Voice Over, Best Cinematographer, and Best Editor. Each category comprises seven nominated videos.

The documentary selection team consists of esteemed individuals such as director Bhushan Dahal, actress Karisma Manandhar, Press Council Nepal President Bal Krishna Basnet, director and cinematographer Sabnam Mukhia, Nepal Tourism Board Manager Archana KC Rana, Nepal Industry Confederation General Manager Deepak Raj Joshi (former CEO of Tourism Board), and We Will Rise Foundation Director Nirmal Shrestha.

The winners of the competition will be awarded cash prizes. The Best Video of the Year will receive five lakh rupees, the Judges’ Choice Award winner will be granted two lakh rupees, and all other categories will receive a cash prize of one lakh rupees each. The grand finale of the competition is scheduled to take place on the evening of 27th May at the National Auditorium in Kathmandu. The event is a joint project between the We Will Rise Foundation and Nepal Television, with support from the Nepal Tourism Board and Film Development Board.


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