UML Quits Koshi Government

The CPM-UML has voiced its displeasure over Chief Minister Kedar Karki’s ministerial appointments from the CPN-Maoist Center and the CPN-Unified Socialist party, leading to the party’s departure from the Koshi government on Saturday.

The departure came after Minister Ram Bahadur Rana Magar, who represented the CPN-UML in the Nepali Congress (NC)-led cabinet, tendered his resignation to Chief Minister Karki on Saturday morning. Rana had been appointed as a minister without a portfolio on the same day that Chief Minister Karki assumed office.

Expressing the reasons behind the CPN-UML’s decision, Rana stated, “UML decided to quit the government as Chief Minister Karki did not abide by the agreement made with it.”

Karki, who took on the role of chief minister after breaking away from the Nepali Congress with the support of the CPN-UML, administered the oath of office to one minister each from the Maoist Center and the Unified Socialist Party on Friday, without obtaining the CPN-UML’s consent.

The CPN-UML leadership had already made their intentions clear about leaving the government shortly after the incident, signaling a growing rift within the Koshi government.


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