Baneshwar to Maitighar Designated Restricted Zone for 30-Day Period

The Kathmandu District Administration Office (DAO) has taken a proactive measure by declaring Maitighar Mandala a restricted area for a duration of one month, starting this Monday. This decision comes in response to conflicting plans by two influential groups intending to hold simultaneous demonstrations at the iconic location.

The DAO’s official notice, issued on Monday, outlined the restriction period and emphasized the need to maintain public order and prevent potential clashes between the two groups. The conflicting events were scheduled for Thursday, with one being led by medical entrepreneur Durga Prasai and the other by the Youth Association Nepal, the youth wing of the main opposition CPN-UML.

Deputy Chief District Officer Rabindra Prasad Acharya explained that the decision to designate Maitighar Mandala as a restricted zone aims to ensure the safety of the public and avoid any disturbances during the planned demonstrations. Both groups have been explicitly prohibited from conducting their events at Maitighar Mandala on the specified day.

To facilitate a peaceful resolution, the DAO has proposed alternative locations for the demonstrations. The suggested venues include Tinkune, Chabahil, Machhapokhari, Mulpani Cricket Ground, or Naxal Ground. It is hoped that the two groups will cooperate in selecting a new venue, mitigating the risk of confrontations and maintaining the overall security of the area.

As the restricted period unfolds, the Kathmandu administration will be closely monitoring the situation to ensure compliance with the order and to address any potential challenges that may arise. This move underscores the government’s commitment to balancing the right to peaceful assembly with the imperative of public safety.


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