Employees’ Associations concerned about School Education Bill

Employees’ associations of the National Examinations Board have expressed their concerns that the school education bill that has landed in the parliament for endorsement would affect the autonomy of the Board and the welfare of working employees.

On 13 September 2023, the Government of Nepal registered the Bill to Amend and integrate laws related to school education, 2080 in the Federal Parliament.

The existing Bill related to the National Examinations Board has made extensive changes in the organizational structure and employee management of the Board.

Expressing their solidarity in this regard, the Employees Organization, the Employee Union and the Nepal National Employees Association under the Board today issued a joint statement putting forth a seven-point demand.

Their demands include that the full autonomy of the Board (with full authority in the structure, staff management and resource management) should be maintained. Similarly, arrangements should be made to proceed with the process of providing permanent status to the temporary employees.

Remuneration, facilities and terms and conditions should be ensured so that all the employees do not feel inconvenienced. The right to nominate other members of the Board except ex-officio members should be vested in the Board itself.

Likewise, other demands are the appointment of the chairperson of the Board should be made as per the provisions of the Education Act, 2028 (Eighth Amendment). The member-secretary should be from the senior most officers of the Board. The existing province examinations management office and branch office should remain intact.

The statement was issued jointly by the organization chairperson Prakash Awale, the union’s president Raju Oliya and the association’s chairperson Narendra Prasad Dhakal.
They have also warned of holding various protest programs at the Board’s central office, and state and branch offices from coming September 22-24 if their demands are not met.


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