Government, agitating relief teachers’ committee reach agreement

The government and agitating relief teachers’ joint protest mobilization committee have reached an agreement.

The agreement was signed after a dialogue with Chairperson of the Nepal Teachers’ Federation Kamala Tuladhar and Nepal Relief Teachers Central Committee Chairperson Khemraj Adhikari, among others, at Singha Durbar on Friday. The signing of the agreement was held on the presence of Minister for Education, Science and Technology Ashok Kumar Rai.

After the consensus, the agitating teachers ended their struggle. The two sides reached an agreement to make amendment proposal in the School Education Bill registered at the House of Representatives. Among the provisions to be proposed in the amendment as agreed included no age limit to the relief teachers for examinations for permanent status, arrangement of hundred percent internal competition and cent percent addition of service period.

Likewise, an agreement was also reached to make arrangement for internal competition for higher secondary teachers and vacancy for early child development teachers. It may be noted that the protest committee has continued its street-based demonstration with reservation on the agreement made with the Federation on September 22.

In the agreement, it was stated that 75 percent relief teachers would be allowed to participate in internal competition. The education bill registered at the parliament had proposed the participation of only 50 percent relief teachers in internal competition.


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