Jajarkot earthquake: 82 among 153 killed are children

In the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that struck on November 3, it has been revealed that nearly half of the casualties were children. Data from the police indicates that out of the 153 people who lost their lives in the quake, a staggering 82 were children.

Jajarkot and Rukum West were the hardest-hit regions, with 50 children hailing from Jajarkot and the remaining from Rukum West. In Rukum West alone, 32 out of the 52 fatalities were children, as reported by the District Police Office. Among the young victims, there were 17 girls and 15 boys.

The tragedy also struck Sanibheri Rural Municipality, where eight children, three girls, and five boys, lost their lives. Meanwhile, Aathbiskot Municipality witnessed the loss of 24 children, comprising 14 girls and 10 boys.


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