Kedar Karki’s Government in Koshi Province Is a Coalition Government, PM Dahal Clarifies

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, has announced the appointment of Kedar Karki from the Nepali Congress (NC) as the Chief Minister of Koshi Province. This decision comes after discussions held at the Prime Minister’s residence and is seen as a demonstration of the commitment to maintaining and strengthening the ruling coalition.

Addressing reporters at Bharatpur Airport in Chitwan on Saturday, Prime Minister Dahal expressed his support for Kedar Karki and emphasized that this appointment signifies unity within the coalition. He stated, “Now Karkiji has become the Chief Minister, and he is the Chief Minister of all of us. Therefore, the way that problem has been thought about and the way it has been discussed in the media has taken a safe course, now a safe landing has been made.”

Earlier on the same day, Prime Minister Dahal, Congress President Sher Bahadur Deuba, and Shekhar Koirala engaged in discussions regarding the government of Koshi Province. Their discussions reflect a commitment to ensuring the strength of the coalition. Prime Minister Dahal stated, “We are firm and clear on strengthening the alliance. Under no circumstances will the alliance be allowed to weaken.”

Despite the government’s formation without unanimous consent from the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Dahal assured that a vote of confidence would be granted. He also ruled out the immediate formation of an all-party government in Koshi Province, emphasizing the likelihood of a coalition government. He stated, “I will not say that it is impossible to form an all-party government. But I do not see an all-party government being formed immediately. A coalition government will be formed there.”

Kedar Karki of the NC’s Shekhar Koirala faction was appointed Chief Minister in Koshi on Saturday morning, contrary to the agreement of the central leadership of the alliance. He assumed the role of Chief Minister with the support of 39 CPN-UML MPs and 8 MPs from the Shekhar camp of NC.

While the coalition initially favored making Indra Angbo of the Maoist Center the Chief Minister, Karki ultimately secured the position after 47 supporters signed the endorsement of his candidacy, as overseen by Provincial Chief Parashuram Khapung.


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