Lawmaker Dr. Karki Leads Healthcare Team to Earthquake-Affected Area

Dr. Tosima Karki, a dedicated Member of the House of Representatives, has embarked on a mission to provide urgent medical assistance to the earthquake-affected region of Jajarkot. Accompanied by a team of skilled healthcare professionals, Dr. Karki is determined to ensure prompt medical procedures and treatment to those in need.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Lawmaker Karki expressed her commitment to the cause, stating, “We will promptly organize emergency medical procedures and treatment in Jajarkot.” This initiative comes in response to the urgent need for medical aid in the wake of the recent earthquake.

Dr. Karki’s team comprises a group of highly specialized medical professionals, including orthopedic specialists, anesthesiologists, general practitioners, and medical officers. They will be joined by doctors from the renowned Karnali Institute of Health Sciences on their journey to the affected area.

To maximize their impact, Dr. Karki announced that this expert medical team will be stationed in Jajarkot, and additional doctors from the Bheri region will join their efforts. Furthermore, relief supplies will also be provided to those affected by the earthquake.

In her statement, MP Karki expressed her gratitude to all those who have offered their support for this humanitarian mission. She also called for unity, urging that political differences be set aside during this emergency. She emphasized the importance of pooling expertise and resources to assist one another in these challenging times.

As Dr. Tosima Karki and her dedicated team head to the earthquake-affected region, their unwavering commitment to providing medical care and support serves as an inspiring example of community solidarity and compassion.


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