Limbu’s family to get Rs 300,000 in compensation

The Koshi province government has decided to provide Rs 300,000 as compensation to the family of Lajehang Limbu (Padam Limbu). Limbu died in course of a protest launched against the naming of Koshi Province.

A cabinet meeting of the Koshi Province government held today decided to facilitate the probe committee formed by the government and to provide compensation to Limbu’s family, said Mahendra Bista, Press Advisor of Chief Minister Hikmat Kumar Karki.

The meeting also decided to designate Province Secretary Krishna Sapkota with the responsibility of Director of Kalbalgudi Jhapa, a provincial government’s entity, until further arrangement.

Likewise, a decision was taken to give approval to table two amendment bills presented by the Ministry of Tourism, Forest and Environment—Province Environment Protection Act-2076 and Province Forest Act-2077.

The meeting also took the decision to pass the Supplementary Grant Procedure Amendment Proposal presented by Economic Affairs and Planning Ministry.

It also decided to thank Koshi Province folks, extending gratitude to Province Assembly (PA) speaker, PA members, PA Secretariat and all political parties representing in PA for their role in naming the Province.


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