NHRC urges govt to issue citizenship

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the concerned authorities to provide citizenship certificate to those demanding for the same while sitting on a dharna at Maitighar Mandala.

Issuing a statement today, NHRC spokesperson Dr Tikaram Pokharel has said that those staging the protest at Maitighar Mandala should not be deprived of their right to citizenship.

An on-site monitoring by the Commission found that the people staging the sit-in were entitled to citizenship by birth, so they need to be provided citizenship certificate. He said that the NHRC has also drawn the attention of the government to respect, protect and ensure the right to citizenship, which is associated with all aspects of a person’s right to live with dignity. Furthermore, the issue of identity of a person should be taken sensitively.

It may be noted that 25-year-old Niraj Kamat tried to commit self-immolation on June 13 in order to draw attention to the issue of citizenship.


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