Jajarkot Earthquake

Third consignment of emergency relief materials from India arrives

In a display of unwavering solidarity and support, neighboring country India has once again come to the aid of the earthquake-stricken Jajarkot region in Nepal. An Indian Air Force plane made a humanitarian mission, landing at Nepalgunj Airport on Thursday evening with the third consignment of essential relief materials.

The representative of the Indian Embassy in Nepal solemnly handed over the third batch of relief materials to their Nepalese counterparts, marking another chapter in the bilateral cooperation between the two nations.

This generous consignment includes crucial items such as blankets, sleeping bags, tents, and medicines. These resources are intended to alleviate the hardships faced by the earthquake victims, who have been grappling with the devastating aftermath of the natural disaster.

India’s rapid response and support for Nepal in the wake of the earthquake have been commendable, making them the first foreign country to proactively lend assistance to the affected regions.

This is the third time that India has extended a helping hand, proving its commitment to being a trusted and reliable partner in times of crisis.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar, expressing his dedication to this cause, took to platform X and tweeted, “Flight #3 of @IAF_MCC carrying another 12 tonnes of relief material lands in Nepal. India will always remain a trusted and reliable partner.” The statement emphasizes India’s enduring commitment to assisting its neighbor during these challenging times.


The relief materials sent by India will undoubtedly provide much-needed relief to the earthquake victims in Jajarkot, reinforcing the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two nations.


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