Trust Erosion in Republic: Dr. Shekhar Koirala Accuses Political Leadership

In a candid press interaction at Biratnagar Airport, Nepali Congress (NC) leader Dr. Shekhar Koirala expressed his concern over the declining faith of the people in the republic system, attributing it to the actions of political parties and their leadership.

Dr. Koirala questioned the original purpose of establishing the republic, suggesting that political motives may have obscured its initial aspirations. He raised concerns about corruption and impunity overshadowing the essence of the republic and called for a reevaluation of its true purpose amidst political influence.

When pressed about proactive measures for change, Dr. Koirala emphasized the gradual development of effective leadership, highlighting that meaningful change takes time. He urged the government to improve its functioning, noting widespread dissatisfaction due to disorderly conduct by authorities. The veteran leader underscored the vital role of media opposition in pushing the government towards improvement.

Expressing disapproval of recent divisive remarks by the Prime Minister during a visit to Biratnagar, Dr. Koirala pointed out their negative impact on public sentiment and stressed the need for responsible governance.

Shifting focus, Dr. Koirala commended Nepali Congress lawmakers from the Koshi region for their role in supporting the NC candidate, praising their contribution to maintaining political stability. Reflecting on past decisions, he highlighted the significance of strategic choices and their impact on the country’s political landscape.

Anticipating governmental expansion post the budget passing in the Koshi province, Dr. Koirala emphasized the need for corrective measures to ensure effective governance.

Addressing the recent ban on TikTok, the NC leader criticized the government’s decision, advocating for regulation rather than outright closure. Dr. Koirala emphasized responsible governance as crucial in handling such matters, urging a balanced approach to address public concerns while ensuring the responsible use of social media platforms.


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