BP and Madan’s Heavenly Chat: Viral Satire Shakes Up Social Media

The realm of social networking, the transition from Facebook to TikTok is gaining noticeable momentum. This shift has sparked conversations reminiscent of a satirical performance involving the late BP Koirala and Madan Bhandari, which has recently taken the internet by storm.

The satirical sketch was part of artist Manoj Gajurel’s ’80 Years of Gaijatra’ program, titled ‘Madan Bhandari’s Arrival in BP Koirala’s Heaven.’ In this imaginative portrayal, Bhandari encounters BP Koirala in heaven, offering a humorous twist on their personas.

Manoj Gajurel skillfully assumed the role of Madan Bhandari, while Chakra Duwadi portrayed BP Koirala. The program may have concluded a few days ago, but the satire continues to go viral, captivating social media audiences.

The video gained significant popularity after Comedy actor Manoj Gajurel uploaded it on his YouTube channel, aptly named ‘GajuReal.’ Despite its fictional nature, the satire is sparking authentic reactions across social networks, with some individuals commending the actors for their remarkably realistic comedic performances.

It appears that satire is becoming an increasingly preferred medium for discussing various topics, from Nepali politics and corruption to significant events and societal issues. ‘Gajurel’ released an 18-minute satire on his YouTube channel that is rapidly gaining traction.

As of the latest update, the YouTube video, posted just 17 hours ago, has already garnered over 177K views, demonstrating the power of satire in engaging and entertaining online audiences.



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