Experts call for mutual cooperation in river management in Chure region

Experts have stressed the need for mutual cooperation in the management of rivers flowing through the Chure mountain range.

In a discussion on ‘Challenges and journey in the protection of the river system of the Chure mountain range’ here today in Bardibas, Chure experts said no single effort in the river management would be fruitful.

“The government at all three levels should provide a coordination and common interest to manage the rivers flowing through the Chure mountain range,” said Chure expert Ajaya Dixit, adding, “The management of rivers flowing through the Chure range is not only related to Madhes, but also to the lives of inner Madhes. So, the federal government should coordinate with the province and the respective local level.” Dixit also presented a paper in the programme.

Experts said that the main reasons for the increase in drinking water crisis in many districts of Madhes this year as the destruction of rivers and forests, indifference in the river management and the increasing uncontrolled mining.

“The water sources (wells, tube wells and boring) in the far southern part of various districts in Madhes have dried up this year. Forget farming, there is a shortage of drinking water. The main reason for this problem is the uncontrolled exploitation of forests and rivers,” said Chure expert Banikraj Kafle of Bardibas-5, adding, “If we do not take measures immediately, farming of Madhes will be destroyed within a few years.”

Kafle, also agricultural expert, said if we view the situation in the last decade, the availability of underground water was decreasing.

To deal with the problem, Dixit suggested that the mining in the Chure hills should be stopped and forest areas be protected. Similarly, the rampant extraction of river materials should be regulated and water recharge ponds be built in the Chure area. (RSS)


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