Asia Cup 2023

Heroic Welcome for Nepal’s Asia Cup Squad

The national cricket team of Nepal received an enthusiastic and heartwarming welcome upon their return home after participating in the Asia Cup cricket tournament held in Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Having completed their journey in the group stage of the prestigious Asia Cup cricket, the Nepalese team was greeted with a grand reception at their homeland. The armed police band team extended their support by welcoming the team at the airport with a melodious rendition of Mangaldhun.

Officials from the Nepal Cricket Association and passionate cricket supporters joined in to express their joy and appreciation for the team’s remarkable performance during the tournament. Chants and slogans in support of the players resonated throughout the airport as fans eagerly awaited their heroes.

Nepal’s cricket team showcased their fearless and courageous spirit in the group stage by competing against formidable opponents like India and Pakistan. The team played two crucial matches, one in Pakistan and the other in Sri Lanka.

In the first encounter against Pakistan, Nepal faced a tough challenge but showed their mettle by scoring 238 runs. Despite the loss, their resilient performance earned them accolades. Their match against India, held in Sri Lanka, was also a significant moment in their journey, though they faced defeat with a margin of 10 wickets.

Despite exiting the Asia Cup after the defeat against India, the Nepali cricket team is receiving widespread praise for their outstanding batting skills and their dedication to the sport. Their return to Nepal is celebrated not just as a homecoming but as a moment of pride for the entire nation, as they continue to inspire and unite cricket enthusiasts nationwide.


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