‘Is Kathmandu Becoming Unsafe for Leaders?’

Parliamentarians from both the ruling and opposition parties in Nepal have strongly condemned a brutal attack on Nepali Congress Joint General Secretary Mahendra Yadav. They are calling on the government to provide an explanation.

During a session of the House of Representatives on Thursday, Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa questioned whether the attack on Yadav, which took place as he returned from a public event, has made it unsafe for leaders to walk alone in Kathmandu. Thapa highlighted the element of luck in Yadav’s survival and noted that the attacker has already been apprehended. He expressed concern about the possibility of downplaying the seriousness of the incident and called for a thorough investigation. Thapa stressed the importance of a comprehensive inquiry and urged the Minister of Home Affairs to address the issue. He asked, “Shouldn’t we be able to walk safely in Kathmandu without fearing threats of violence or attacks?”

Additionally, Mahesh Bartaula, the whip of the main opposition party UML, has also raised objections to the attack on Yadav. He is demanding that the Prime Minister provide an explanation in the House regarding this incident.


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