Janamat Party’s Call for Chinese Ambassador’s Return from Nepal

The Janamat Party has formally requested the government to send back Chinese Ambassador Chen Song due to recent “undiplomatic remarks” made last Saturday, as stated by the Party’s Vice President, Abdul Khan, during a special session in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

Khan emphasized that Ambassador Chen Song should refrain from making statements about Nepal and India, as such actions are beyond the scope of his diplomatic responsibilities. Khan further called for Ambassador Song to provide a clarification for his comments.

“Ambassador Song’s remarks have the potential to sow discord and harm the amicable relationship between Nepal and India,” Khan remarked.

In a strong statement, Khan asserted, “If Nepal is to maintain its status as an independent nation, it is imperative that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs seeks an explanation from the ambassador and promptly initiates the process to diplomatically facilitate his return from Nepal.”


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