Maoist’s Krishna Mahara’s Son Rahul Arrested

Rahul Mahara, the son of Maoist center leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara, has been arrested for investigation in connection with a case involving gold smuggling concealed within electronic cigarettes (Vape).

Rahul was apprehended by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of the police on Wednesday afternoon.

The CIB’s inquiry revealed that Rahul had been in frequent telephonic communication with Dawa, a Chinese businessman implicated in last year’s concealed gold smuggling case involving Vapes.

However, the public prosecutor’s office did not press charges against him in that particular case.

Although it was uncovered that Maoist vice-chairman Mahara and his son Rahul had regular phone contact with the businessmen linked to smuggling, public protests ensued, asserting that insufficient investigation had been conducted against them.


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