Virat Kohli’s Memorable Nepali Dance: When Cricket Met ‘Kutu Ma Kutu’ in Asia Cup!

In a thrilling encounter on Monday night during the Asia Cup 2023, Nepal posed a formidable challenge to India with their adventurous batting skills. The competition, hosted in Sri Lanka, showcased more than just cricketing prowess.

The casual camaraderie witnessed on the field during the match was a delightful sight for Nepali fans, as they cheered on their team while India was fielding. Adding to the festive atmosphere, the famous Nepali song “Kutu Ma Kutu Supari Dana” reverberated through the Pallekel International Cricket Stadium, thanks to the DJ’s playlist.

The highlight of the evening came when Indian cricketer Virat Kohli couldn’t resist the rhythm of the song and broke into dance. Known for his habit of using dance to keep his nerves calm, Kohli’s impromptu dance to Nepali music was a memorable moment for fans on both sides. This unexpected dance performance by Kohli has become a sensation, garnering significant attention on Indian online portals.

The Times of India and several other media outlets have dedicated coverage to Virat Kohli’s dance moves set to Nepali film songs. The Times of India, while sharing a clip of Kohli’s dance, emphasized, “Virat never misses an opportunity to engage with his fans.”

“Kutu Ma Kutu” is among the most renowned Nepali songs, with its music video being uploaded to YouTube six years ago. To date, the video has amassed an astonishing 193 million views on the platform, making it a beloved cultural gem in Nepal.


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